About us

Trafero means “message” in Latin, and the message is the basis of communication. That’s why we took the name of the company. Do you like it? 🙂

We have been on the market since 2013 and from the beginning, we focus on honesty towards our customers. Analysis of needs and expectations, consulting, common work on solutions – it is our everyday diligent work. It is so easy because we have many years of continuous and growing experience in Internet marketing and PR. Our team carried out projects for international corporations as well as medium and small size companies, state institutions and non-governmental organizations.

pracownik agencja Public Relations, PR

What we do?

  • lead generation – we make your potential customers ask for your services. We use appropriately selected content marketing tools, social media opportunities and online advertising.
  • increase of brand awareness – we create communication strategies, we cooperate with traditional media (press, radio, television) and online media (ePR) as well as work on content marketing.
  • easy finding your website online – thanks to appropriate SEO activities (content and technical optimization) and content marketing, we increase the position of your website in search engines on keywords that are most important to your company. Maybe simpler – customers looking for products or services such as yours will send a query to your company, not to the competition (Search Engine Marketing – SEM).
  • event promotion – we promote your events or events in which your company participates – conferences, fairs, workshops, webinars and others. We facilitate lead generation for finding right attendees, attract the attention of the media and industry experts, run social media activities and e-mail communication with attendees and prepare marketing materials for the event.
  • marketing strategy – we analyze the market situation of the company, examine its current and expected recipients, offer, methods of communication and prepare marketing development proposals in the long and short term. We support you in setting goals and budgets. In other words – on the basis of solid premises, we fix the rudder to your marketing ship.

Trust us and use the strengths of the Trafero team:

  • high commitment and exceptional customer care,
  • professionalism based on knowledge and experience,
  • flexibility.