Eye-catching advertising creations, graphics thanks to which your brand is better remembered, ads that allow you to get more leads – this is a condition for the success of your marketing projects. We will design appropriate advertising graphics for you to use on the Internet, in any channel.

Types of advertising graphics:

1. Static advertising banners

  • to Google Display Network – to standard and responsive ads,
  • to social media – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others – both for entries on company websites and for all types of advertisements (single, carousels, sponsored mailings, etc.),
  • on web portals – on your own page, eg. as a slider, landing page, partner portals and pages where your ads are to be displayed.

2. Animations

  • in formats for Google Display Network,
  • in social media formats, i.e. those that will work well on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other websites where your brand should be known,
  • to be used on the website or in mailing,
  • to the e-mail footer.

3. Video

  • announcements of events,
  • reports from events,
  • corporate film,
  • video advertising.

Experience in creating advertising graphics

We have dozens of advertising campaigns with the use of various forms of graphics behind us. We know which types of creatives work for a given campaign goal and for a specific audience. Our experience allows us to create graphics whose composition has a positive effect on awareness, and when necessary – prompts you to take appropriate action, for example, downloading an e-book, sending an inquiry or registering for a webinar.

Compliance of the creative with the standards

All creations are made in line with the overall brand image. Our graphic designers get acquainted with the book of visual identification, guidelines for the use of the logo, applicable colors, composition, fonts and other accepted rules for marketing materials. Creations are created with the awareness of their further use. They must be consistent with the website or other place on the Internet to which they lead, so that the recipient can feel the uniformity of the message.

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