How to organize a photo session in your company

An expert’s statement without the image of his face has little chance of being published in the media. The lack of a speaker photo reduces the chances that the conference participants will listen to its occurrence. An anonymous company page that does not show the face of any employee does not inspire confidence. These are just a few examples when good quality business photos are necessary. Learn how to organize a photo session in your company.

How to organize a photo session in your company

Why photo session in your company?

All information and advertising materials that contain face pictures better appeal to the recipients. People want to see who they are dealing with. A company on whose website you can see the faces of board members and key specialists raises much more trust than its impersonal counterpart. A trade presentation in which you can see the faces of key team members is accepted much better than a presentation without this information.

The most important – media relations. If you want to put in the media any information about the company or an expert article, then the photo of the author or the cited person increases the chances of publication by several hundred percent. If you’re working on promoting corporate experts – through their participation in conferences or their blog texts – you have to show their faces on good quality photos. And they can not be particularly successful shots from a family stay in the Canary Islands or on skis (!).

Difficulties with the photo session

  1. The president / director who thinks that everyone can do a “snap” and it’s a shame to waste funds on a professional photographer
  2. The risk that the photos will not be good enough – the first time we use the services of a given photographer
  3. The need to find a suitably large, empty for several hours and a representative looking room in the office (option B – taking the management to a photographic studio – usually is much less realistic)
  4. The need to gather the entire board and other people who should be photographed one day in the office. The most difficult in the case of commercial directors.
  5. Unavailability of photographed people who are in the office, but have very important meetings that are not known when they will end.
  6. Aversion to the business outfit of some experts, especially in the IT industry (T-shirt falls out!)
  7. Reluctance to make-up (concealer + powder) for some men
  8. The need to obtain consents for the publication of photos
  9. Bad weather, when we also planned pictures of the company’s building from outside

How to deal with difficulties in photo session organizing?

You can deal with all the difficulties if you prepare yourself properly.

Funds for photo session

Unless you have come across a media-conscious president / director who himself/herself sees the importance of good photographic materials, it is worth using the “social proof”. Find competitive companies from the industry that already have had photo sessions behind. For this it is good to realize the basics of the photographic workshop – the “snapshot” also needs to be done well, but the photographer’s most demanding and longest job is choosing and retouching photos. This task is really time-consuming and requires specific skills.

Photos quality

If you do not have a proven photographer, choose the person who will complete the session based on her portfolio. The portfolio should be rich (many photos) and refer to the area that interests you (business photography, not wedding photography, for example). The professional will also want to come to the company earlier to check the conditions in which they will carry out the session. They will look at the room and determine what equipment on their side regarding the light is necessary. They should also agree to re-proof photos in the case of such expectations on the part of the people, who are to be photographed (once).

Room for the photo session

Can you use a single, good-looking business room for a photo session for a few hours? If such a room is, but often occupied, then you must use the authority of the president who accepted the session to get the room. If there is no such a room, it is good to look around the conference room in a nearby office building (which unfortunately generates additional costs) or to direct the board and experts to the photographic plant (although unfortunately it is quite difficult to organize for a larger number of people).

Availability of photographed

In the case of large funds, you can afford to engage the photographer repeatedly in the company. On Monday, to take pictures of the financial director and expert-lecturer. On Tuesday for the president, production manager and commercial director. Etc. In a much more common situation, when the funds are limited, the session must be organized very well in advance (month), during the non-holiday periods and when there is no stress to to reach the KPIs or submit huge reports. Ideally, if the information on a session to board members comes from the president or at least with a copy to him/her. You should set approximate shooting times for each person – then everyone will know that he should book the time between, for example, 8 and 11, and arrange appointments for the afternoon.

Outfit for photo session

Do not expect that everyone will know how to dress for the session. It is worth sending information on this topic a few days before the session. You should write there what the business outfit means – for men it is a man’s suit (fitted jacket and trousers), and for women it is a woman’s suit (jacket + skirt). It is also good to describe that the preferred colors are blue, navy blue, gray and pink, and that you should avoid gloss and translucent materials and small patterns.

Makeup for photo session

The ideal solution is to hire a proven stylist. Such photos usually come out best. If for some reason, for example financial reasons, you cannot afford it, then you should be prepared to make the styling on your own. You need to get a concealer and powder, which will cover the imperfections of the complexion of men. Ladies usually prepare themselves in such situations – they can be premeditated earlier that makeup should be modest, but determined. In the pictures, a strong line looks weaker than in nature.

Consent to the publication of photos

In order for the photos to be made public, i.e. to be published on the website, in social media, or to be sent to traditional media, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the photographed persons in writing. The consent should be unlimited, but with the possibility of withdrawal. In the event of withdrawal of consent, the company should be reserved at least 48 hours (better yet) to remove the image from the communication channels that belong to the company.

Pictures of the company from the outside

In order to protect against the risk of bad weather on the day of the session, you must arrange building photos separately. The best solution is if it is a photographer that sets a day. If he/she manages to take pictures of an office building on the day of the session – good. However, the pictures of people and the building should not be dependent on each other.

Good luck!

I hope that we managed to show how to organize a photo session in your company. If you have any questions or would like to point out reliable photographers – write to us!

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