How to effectively generate leads when people are fed up with ads? How to build the image of a professional company using its own communication channels? Finally – how to convince B2B customers to buy from you? Content marketing is the answer.

Content marketing is the creation of texts, audio and video materials, graphics, etc., in which a potential customer finds answers to their questions. They gain trust in the company, clarify their needs and as a result are ready to buy offered products or services. It is a modern approach to customer relations.

Why content marketing?

Content marketing is becoming more and more popular because customers are tired of advertising and do not have confidence in them. They do not want to be induced to buy. They have real needs and are happy to find answers to questions on how to satisfy them.

When customers search for and get answers themselves, they perceive them as more reliable than advertising messages. This applies to both the B2C and, especially, B2B segment.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a form of “inbound marketing”, that is, incoming marketing. According to this formula, the customer finds marketing content himself. The role of marketers is to create valuable content, such as blogs, ebooks or video guides, and then their respective promotion on the web, thanks to which finding these content by users will be easier.

Benefits of content marketing

Content marketing is a great tool for generating leads and strengthening the positive image of the brand.

Lead generation

With a properly selected strategy, potential customers (i.e. leads) come across the company’s website or its pages in social media on their own. People are looking for information on topics of their interest online. If the site contains such content, if it is attractive and clearly presented, and in accordance with the principles of SEO (so that the search engine could find them) – your potential customers will come to your website. Your task is only to get their contacts (also using appealing content).



Brand awareness

Valuable texts, infographics or video materials have a very positive impact on the perception of the brand. They build an expert and trustworthy image.

Content marketing techniques:

  • company blog with expert texts, advice, case studies
  • infographics
  • text guides, e-books, reports – all materials to be downloaded from the website
  • video tutorials
  • “Questions and Answers” sections on the website (Q&A)
  • website dedicated to a specific industry or topic (so-called microsite)
  • guest blogging – expert articles posted on websites that do not belong to the company
  • and many more, depending on the creativity of the company and the expectations of a specific group of recipients.

Content marketing – how to start?

First, imagine your potential customer (if you have several very different groups of recipients – build a profile for each group). Think about what questions they may have regarding your offer (even loose connection). And then – give them a clear and deep answer. So that they will recognize your team as experts and understand what your services are or how your products work. And start creating content.

Sounds complicated? Beginnings are hard. Contact us to avoid common mistakes and not waste time (and therefore potential customers).

Content marketing – improve your results

Do you run a company blog, but you are not satisfied with the number of visits to your website? Or maybe you have a lot of readers, but it does not translate in any way into sales? You do not know how to create more interesting content? How to publish an e-book, record a video guide or prepare an infographic? Wondering how to promote your content more effectively? Or maybe you just do not have enough time for regular activities?

Good content marketing requires a coherent and well thought out strategy. The right selection of techniques, style, graphics, communication channels and promotion. Creating content that is both interesting and easy to find by search engines (SEO). It also requires time, regular work in designated areas. Contact us to talk about your strategy. This will allow you to decide whether to use our support and to what extent you would entrust us with the care of content marketing in your company.



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