Email marketing

We create and send e-mails related to specific events (conferences, promotions, trainings, etc.), periodic newsletters, special mailing campaigns (eg devoted to the presentation of a new product) and e-mails for managing leads (ie transforming the initial interest in the subject in the desire to purchase your solution).

Email marketing allows you to personalize your communication. It adapts to the interests of the recipient and their position in the sales funnel. With good use of the information contained in the database, the recipient will get emails only about topics that applies to them. For example, the hosting company will send mailing about the new offer for several gigabit hosting to individuals and small businesses, and to larger companies with more developed opportunities.

With email marketing you can accurately analyze your performance. We know which emails are opened, which links are clicked and which of them lead to conversions. We also can check, who reads the emails and whose addresses are only empty positions in the database. It’s easy to determine what kind of e-mails appeal to the recipients.

Last but not least – email marketing belongs to cheaper marketing tools.

Email marketing with Trafero:

  • supporting the expansion of your contact database,
  • database segmentation,
  • analysis of the possibility of e-mail communication – both occasional (eg when organizing a conference) and fixed, recurring,
  • creating a mailing plan,
  • creating content,
  • testing communication,
  • handling feedback.