Online advertising is a great tool to support the process of generating and nurturing leads. It’s also a powerful technique to increase traffic to your website. Effective advertising helps you attract potential customers to your content marketing pieces or direct offers.

Where we publish ads

We advertise on search engine, social and partner networks. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. – just to chose. Our services include creating display and text ads and managing them. We combine three aims – maximum reach, great impression and minimal cost.

Steps of our work on ads

First you tell us what the advertisement is for. The goal may be to inform potential buyers about valueable content marketing piece, about a sale, about some event or about new product launch. Then we decide who you want to reach with the advertisement (eg medical students or pregnant women from Cracow). Next – how far you want to reach. It means, how many people should see/download the content, see the sale, register for the event or learn about the new product. And last – what budget you have.

You also tell us how you would like the advertisement to look like. If you have no idea, we will offer you proposals. Next important issue – which channels you would like to put it on. Depending on where your target audience is it can be chosen social media, some industry portal, search engine or elsewhere). Together, based on your conception and budget, we set a plan of action. It contains information about which ads, where, when, with what frequency we place and what we refer to as “success”. Whether the success is clicking on an advertisement or watching it, or other parameters.

You give us the information we need and available materials (eg product photos) or ready ads – it is up to you. If it is our job to create ads, we present you the proposal and make sure that you like it. Then we place it in the selected channel and make it appear to the right people / for the right questions. We are constantly optimizing the ads – checking if something can be improved and if possible – doing it. And in the end we boast about the achieved effects, and you enjoy the results. 🙂

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