Your customers and business partners expect that they will be able to find your company on Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube (or on other social media portals – depending on your industry). If necessary – they will be able to quickly ask you a question. You, in turn, certainly do not want to lose the chance to be there, where your customers are – in social media.

Why social media?

Because there are your customers, employees and business partners 🙂

What social media should you choose?

There is no single answer, as it depends on your industry. Generally, however, if you run a B2C business, then you must be on Facebook and also well elsewhere. If it’s B2B, then you have to be on LinkedIn and it could be useful in other media as well. Video feeds – YouTube, Vimeo, etc. – appropriate and increasingly “the must” for every industry. Business related to the appearance (food, clothes, cosmetics) – obligatory on Pinterest and Instagram. It’s best to follow your audience in social media and be there where they are.

Only company page or also advertising in social media?

The company’s website and regular communication are the basis. Obviously it must be adapted to the specificity of the portal. For example, on Facebook, the messages are lighter, on LinkedIn related to business.

Advertising on social media allows you to reach new customers and usually at relatively low costs. The condition of effectiveness is the attractiveness of the advertising message and the appropriate selection of the group of advertising recipients (targeting).

What can we do for you?

  • launching new communication channels (fanpage on Facebook, page on LinkedIn, etc.) or modification of the previously existing strategy in accordance with the assumptions,
  • running a brand / product / company / organization website along with communication with fans / followers,
  • image analysis of brand, product or service in social media,
  • competition analysis in social media,
  • social media strategy (what, where, when and how to communicate),
  • communication with social opinion leaders
  • advertising strategy
  • ads creating
  • ads targeting
  • management and optimization of advertising campaigns
  • social media monitoring

How much does running a fanpage cost?


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