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The websites we create are 1. clear, 2. nice, 3. liked by Google, 4. easy to use, 5. load quickly.What more could you want?Do you need a company website, website for an event or landing page for an advertising campaign?

A good website is a combination of five factors – a logical and clear layout, interesting graphics, well-written texts, appropriate coding and search engine optimization. If even one element is missing, work in other areas may be wasted. That’s why it’s worth spending time and effort on a really good website for your company or brand, or an effective landing page.

1. Website purpose

When designing your website, we first talk about who and what the website is for. Then – what should be on it. And at the end of the initial stage, we get to know the graphic style adopted in your company / brand and your taste – show us which pages you like.

2. Website structure

We develop the website structure, i.e. we decide together:

  • subpages – what subpages the website should consist of (in the case of simple product pages or landing pages for advertising campaigns, there is often only one page),
  • sections – which sections should the subpages consist of,
  • menu – how the menu is to be built,
  • forms – in the case of data collection, e.g. when providing materials for download or registration for an event, we determine whether the forms will be on separate subpages or as pop-ups and how they will be built,
  • data – we determine how and where the collected data will be transferred,
  • CMS – what content management system the website will be based on.

3. Content on the website

Already at this stage, it is worth preparing texts and images to be used in individual parts of the page. Details in this area usually change later. However, page creation is much faster when it is clear what approximately the content will be in each section.

4. Graphic design of the website

In the next stage, we create the graphic design of the website. We determine the aesthetic style of the website, its colors, content layout, menu composition or footers. We design specific subpages graphically. The design is created in accordance with the visual guidelines for your brand and campaign – the starting point for graphic designers is a thorough study of your brandbooks and other applicable marketing materials.

5. Coding the website

Then comes the stage of coding the website and optimizing it for search engines. There can be no mistakes here, so after painstaking work we carry out exact tests. We check all transitions between pages, ways of displaying the page depending on devices and browsers, messages for recipients, etc. It is also the stage at which we implement codes from advertising and analytical systems, e.g. from Google Analytics or Facebook.

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