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SEO is the optimization of websites for search engines. It is used to raise the position of pages in the search results (for specific keywords). Regular optimization is essential for your customers to find your business online.

A beautiful website, eye-catching and with interesting expert texts is not a guarantee of many visits. The reason is simple – despite constant improvement, search engines do not yet look at websites with human eyes. Therefore, we must adapt the pages to their analysis capabilities. Fortunately, websites that are properly prepared for a search engine are usually also clearer for people.

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For SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the website must first of all have a very logical and transparent structure – so that search engine robots can easily navigate through it. Here are some basic rules:

  • Texts – you need titles, headings, descriptions and keywords that tell you exactly what the texts are about.
  • Graphics – you also need relevant keywords that will clearly indicate what is represented in the pictures. In addition, the graphics must load quickly and be in the right formats.
  • Website code – should meet current standards so that search engine robots can quickly navigate through it
  • The entire website should have a coherent structure. Just like in a good house, there should be easy transitions between rooms – in this case, there should be many simple connections between subpages.

Webpages need to be optimized so that Google and other search engines can find them easily. Optimization is, of course, one of the elements that lead to a high position among the search results. Other important activities include interesting content and directing traffic to the website from other channels. However, without adapting the website to the needs of search engines, we cannot count on the popularity of our portal.

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