What is lead generation?

16 March 2020

What is lead generation, how to go about it, what needs to be prepared and what tools to use? Read this post to get complete knowledge of the basics of lead generation.

Lead generation marketing funnel

What is lead generation?

First – what is lead? Well, lead is a person or company that can become your customer. For example, a car owner can become a customer of a vulcanization plant, and an industrial company can be opened to automation by a manufacturer of industrial robots.

And now – what is lead generation? Lead generation is arousing interest in the company’s offer among potential customers, as a result of which they leave the company their data for further contacts. In short – generating leads is gaining contacts to potential customers through the interest in their company offer.

Lead generation is a tactic of inbound marketing. This type of marketing consists in the fact that potential customers contact your company themselves. It is not you who solicit them through advertisements, mailings or in person, but they come to your offer, are interested in it and leave you their data. The offer (not yet for sale! Only some bonus, information) that you present to them is interesting enough for them that they are happy to give you their e-mail address or telephone.

Lead generation process

The process of generating leads consists in a nutshell of preparing the offer, constructing a tool for its transfer – usually a landing page and offer promotion.

  1. CREATING OFFER (LEAD MAGNET): free trial, demo, discount coupon, industry report, ebook, webinar, free workshop, free consultation with an expert, etc.
  2. TRANSFERRING OFFER: landing page with form + page with thank you and link to offers or / and mail with thank you and offer
  3. OFFER PROMOTION: materials that attract the attention of potential leads + a plan for placing them in selected communication channels
Lead generation process

Lead magnet

Who to create an offer for? Who is your customer?

Before creating an offer, you need to know who your “buyer persona” is, or a typical customer. Knowledge of the potential customer’s profile is also necessary for any marketing activities. Only in this way will you be able to create content that will meet the needs of customers.

What knowledge do customers need?

You need to know what knowledge your potential customer needs to take advantage of your sales offer. What questions should you answer to dispel his doubts and bring him closer to placing an order. Your lead generation offer should answer these questions.

In what form do customers want to receive knowledge?

Another topic is what form of transferring this knowledge will be best for him – would it be a short funny movie? in-depth report? guide? free workshop? Even valuable knowledge in a form not adapted to the tastes of the recipients will not find recognition with them. A good solution is to choose several forms and create offers of several types.

Lead magnet
Lead magnet in the form of a meeting with Microsoft experts

A tool for submitting a lead magnet, i.e. a landing page

What should the landing page contain:

  • The main slogan – for example “Reduce the number of abandoned carts by 15%!”, “How to create graphics that convert?”
  • Benefits – in a few sentences or points, describe what a potential customer will gain if they use your offer
  • Form – a set of fields to be completed by the lead. Only after providing your data clicks on the button under the form, sends it and in return gets your offer.

There are often two consecutive landing pages. The first one contains the exact description of the offer. This solution should be used when we want to provide a lot of information, for example when presenting a conference plan, which we encourage to participate in. On this lead page, he clicks the “I am interested” button and goes to the proper landing, which already has the form for leaving the data.

Are there good landings? Read a great landing page analysis with examples.

What lead data do you need?

In other words, let’s think what fields should be on the form of your landing page? If you’re in the B2C industry, then it’s often enough to ask for an email address and perhaps a name (or surname). Just like in the HubSpot below, addressed to individual users.

Landing page for lead generation from HubSpot
HubSpot landing page (B2C)

However, if you work for a B2B company, consider also collecting the following information:

  • company name
  • company size (number of employees)
  • company annual revenue
  • position of the person completing the form
  • main problems from area X (area of your business) – this information will allow you to even better target the offer for a given company
  • telephone number – for further contacts from the sales department
Microsoft landing page for lead generation
Microsoft landing page (B2B)

You should always look for a compromise between the amount of data we would like to acquire and the preferences of potential customers – no one likes to fill out long forms. In turn, more data – easier lead qualification (i.e. more knowledge about sales opportunities for a given lead) and easier subsequent process of “nurturing a lead”, i.e. communication focused on sales. Less data – more chance to fill out the form. However, in the B2B industry, multi-field forms are standard and should not be feared.

Lead magnet promotion

Effective promotion of the offer must be well planned. As part of planning, you need to choose the right communication channels, create materials and build a schedule.

  • choose the communication channels for the offer – they can be a company website, blog, social media, traditional media, influencers, PPC, mailings, leaflets distributed during events, etc.
  • create materials suitable for selected communication channels – graphics in appropriate sizes, blog texts, press releases, emails etc., all with a call to action appealing to the recipient (so-called CTA = call to action). A good call shows the benefits – “Start monitoring the amount of fat in your food today thanks to our application!”
  • plan the promotion of the offer in selected channels – build a schedule.
Lead magnet promotion by Netflix
Lead magnet promotion (free viewing) through Netflix

For measuring the effectiveness of each channel, it may be beneficial to generate several url addresses (UTM) to the same landing page – separate for each channel.

Good luck in generating leads! ­čÖé